Scene of Seochon

In traditional Korean architecture, the dualistic nature between the maru and the madang serve as primary, spatial organizers. In our proposal, the maru (exterior, wooden path) functions as an interface between enclosed space and the madang (Korean courtyard). The two instances of enclosed space in the project are equipped with operable facades which, upon activation, opens towards the event space and allows interiority to flow throughout the site. A transparent box occupies the west portion of the proposal where the passerby’s view is unobstructed when looking into the madang. On the south edge, the repurposed Japanese pub employs two facade operations which, when fully opened, generates projections to facilitate performance. ----Design Partner: Benjamin Dossett

Site Plan - Seochon District
Floor Plan
Section A
Section B
Glass Box - Exploded Axonometric
Stage - Exploded Axonometric
Namsadang Event
Lantern Festival
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