Cruise Net Pier

The new San Juan Cruise Port is the future for a culturally rich and forward thinking population. The proposal melds the perception of economy, infrastructure and public image into a multi-layered interface spanning from the edge of the pier to the mainland of Old San Juan.The new San Juan Cruise Port offers an efficient, exciting experience. Both foreigners and locals have access at any time of day, any season of the year. Furthermore, the new San Juan Cruise Port is a vision into Puerto Rico’s future; for the land and for the community. The proposal serves three main purposes: as a marine transportation terminal (ferry and cruise), an event space and as a host for ecosystem restoration. The image shown depicts all facets of the design. In addition to the built form, the San Juan Cruise Port proposes a protected coral reef and coral nursery in order to cleanse the contaminated waters of the San Juan Bay. ---- Design Partners: Alberto Ponce & Tyler McBeth

Site Plan
Core Sample
Terminal Arrival & Leisure Platform
Core Sample
Terminal Core Sample
Terminal Section Sample
Terminal Interior
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