SITE LOCATION: Lubbock, Texas PROGRAM: Microbrewery + Residential Studio As a microbrewery in the city of Lubbock, Texas, the project provides a place for community leisure and a destination for neighborhood events. The Dogtrot Microbrewery is separated into two, distinct zones. The west zone is characterized solely as public space (bar, brewery, and yard) whereas the eastern zone is characterized as private space, only accessible by the resident brewmaster. At the north-east corner of the project, a depressed stage serves as a gathering place for prospective events hosted by the brewmaster. The stage is adjacent to the neighborhood's central park, therefore encouraging community involvement. Along the southern and western edges of the bar, there are four pocket doors consisting of both glazed and wooden doors. As a result, both doors may be open to allow direct circulation between the interior and exterior spaces.

South View
Studio Interior
General Information Sheet
Site Plan
Ground Floor Plan
Basement & Stage Plan
North and South Elevations
East & West Elevations
North-South Sections
East-West Sections
Sliding-Pocket Door Details
Wall Detail Sections
Interior Wall/Roof Detail Sections
Studio & Stage Sectional Perspective
Studio & Brewery Sectional Perspective
Microbrewery Physical Model
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