1-Wall Library

1-Wall performs as both a destination and means of passage from the street edge to the pier edge of the Thames River. 1-Wall is conceived as a body of three components: the wall, mass, and landscape. The wall embodies the core component of the library where books are archived and displayed. It is both monolithic and permeable in nature, performing as a primary source of information as well as an avenue for pedestrian circulation. The mass operates as a counterweight to the wall, structurally and conceptually. Moreover, the mass’s lightweight infrastructure houses program spaces that are characteristic of social engagement and intimate research. The landscape provides an alternative experience by manipulating the vertical displacement of the greenscape.The space created underneath the elevated greenscape allows for ample distribution of administrative and other social programs as a reminiscence of Potter’s Field. While the wall and the mass are highly connected, the landscape remains aligned to the site edge, connecting the street edge to the river’s edge. ---- Design Partners: Alberto Ponce & Tyler McBeth

Site Plan
Massing Strategy
Exploded Axonometric
Kinetic Stacks - Facade Detail
Sectional Perspective
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