Driftwood Follies

In an effort to enhance the haptic dialogue between user(s) and architecture, the Driftwood Follies comply with a sequence of experiential operations. These experiential operations of tactility seek to resensualize architecture and capture the embodied essence of the place. Of these operations, one characterizes the interplay between the rough hewn ‘walls’ of the cliff-side and the tectonic construction of each folly wherein each folly adopts this relationship in a different manner. By doing so, the user is able to feel nature in its rawest form while underneath the umbrella of his/her dwelling. Performing as a temporary residence, the Driftwood Follies characterize the necessities of primitive, outdoor living. Similar to a live/work typology, the program is limited to three spaces; bedroom, bathroom and a space of leisure/creativity. Detached from technology, the proposed architecture is able to utilize the many facets of the Driftwood forest’s landscape. Nestled beneath the forest’s canopy and perched at the cusp of the cliff-side, residents will have an unparalleled experience of the tranquil forest and the soothing burble of the creek below. Paying attention to the approach series below, one may notice series of channels snaking the ground plane. These channels serve a double purpose: one, as a rainwater collection system, siphoning and collecting water for the inhabitants, and second, signifying the transition between forestry and the cliff beyond.

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