BayLine Lofts

SITE LOCATION: Seattle, Washington PROGRAM: Apartments + Bookstore The proposed site is placed within, and parallel, to Union Street between 1st Avenue and Alaskan Way. Union Street in particular possesses a certain quality unlike the adjacent streets. In essence, Union Street has a direct, visual connection to the bay, unobstructed by buildings along the wharf. Therefore, the proposed project seeks to retain this visual connection between the city and Elliott Bay via a solid/void relationship. The program is massed in a particular fashion that frames views of Elliott Bay from each apartment, while simultaneously allowing adjacent residential buildings the same views (see massing diagram series). In addition, the project retains the primary axis of Union Street by means of an axial staircase. This grand staircase allows for a linear procession through the project, while also providing a sense of enclosure.

Site Plan
City / Bay Connection
Massing Strategy
Apartment Plan
Bookstore Plan
Facade Detail Section
Union Street Approach
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